Before, we expect spring after winter: greens, greens, and greens everywhere. This is also the time when we feel the weather is most balanced. However, because of climate change, the weather is now changing, and there is no way we can now predict in full accuracy the climate for a span of months. This is why in some countries, you can find urban roads covered with rainfall at this time of the year. If you are experiencing wet asphalt driveway New Britain, it’s probably because of the new climate routine.   

Urban driveways that are relatively small compared to bigger ones can be easier to maintain. In fact, it may just need little maintenance. Larger driveways need to consider a lot of things including drainage for different kinds of winter including rain, winter, and even during spring run-off; especially during winter when people need to plow snow to avoid inconveniences on the road. Small urban driveways may not need this amount of maintenance and labor; however, once damaged because of the weather, road inconvenience, to the extent of accidents, is possible to happen.   

During use, weather conditions, and maintenance, certain materials from the pavement are removed even during the precipitation. When this happens, the road structure loosens which results in ruts, cuts, breaks, and potholes. This worsens when the sides of the driveway have already broken and loosened. If more and more materials are removed from the sides because of the mentioned factors, washouts and erosions are possible to happen, resulting in different kinds of accidents and damages.   

Concrete and asphalt are two different materials, but between the two, asphalt is more convenient for the vehicle but more susceptible to erosion and washout. If you live in a neighborhood with a small urban driveway, fortunately enough, you can always prevent this from happening.   

To prevent erosion especially from the sides, get some clear-crushed rocks, stones, and put them on the sides as their shape and weight will hold the materials, locking them in during run-off. This will also make a good side marker during dark nights. You can only do this when the sides are still impacted because if they already have loosened, then you will need to do more than this. You will need repairing by removing and replacing the material, therefore, putting new asphalt or concrete on the road. Although this is really advised on roads as part of their maintenance.   

Take note that asphalt and concrete, although different from each other, are durable and they remain solid throughout the years. However, their sides are vulnerable to washouts and erosions especially when little maintenance is provided against harsh weather conditions.   

Furthermore, preventing washouts also entails not using abrasive tools and harsh methods of snow plowing as this also causes damage to the driveway. You can also let professional companies do the work to avoid any unnecessary damage.   

While most people overlook the importance of driveway/road maintenance, your safety actually depends on it. Without maintenance and repair, damages potentially cause accidents that may lead to death.