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  1. There is a simple and elegant solution to completely bypass SOPA and Protect IP Act, it is called: NAMECOIN! And also, there is a new currency in the world, MUCH better than Dollar, Euro or Real… Called Bitcoin!

    Please guys, take a look at this 2 sites:



  2. Maria Carroll

    I contest my government accessing, monitoring, watching, BLOCKING any sites that I visit or wish to visit. This is a serious invasion of my privacy and a breach of my 1st Amendment right! MC

  3. Joe Citizen

    Someone once told me that Iran and the US are not that much different from eachother. One is an Islamic state the other is a Christian state… each upholding their religious values… And despite there being a supposed seperation of church and state in the US, American leaders are always mentioning God bless this God save this… to the point where many laws are passed or not passed because of religious lobbies.

    Anyways, this SOPA/PIPO thing is the last straw!! I do not want this country becoming more like Iran!!!!!!

    • of course we are too cmonlacept; look at the Occupy movement. Police tell them to get behind a barrier and protest and they do it; whereas in Tahrir they’re in the square, in the streets, everywhere, ready to die for what they believe. Until U.S. citizens have that same drive for change, the gov will keep shutting down unfavourable sites such as wikileaks and such. Thoughts?

  4. NO TO SOPA!

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